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Really Stupid Things Politicians Say…

I think it’s becoming more and more clear as the months go by that Tony Abbott is our Australian version of George W Bush. What, with the ‘suppository of wisdom’ comment, ‘shit happens’ and the revelation that Japan is our ‘best friend’ in Asia he’s building quite a portfolio of gaffs and silly remarks.

It’s not uncommon of course – the media are like a pack of rabid dogs, scrounging for morsels of inappropriate innuendo or slips of the tongue from any politician, but Tony seems really ready, willing and able to throw them the whole steak.

I was listening to an interview with Tony Abbott earlier last week where he said something along the lines of ‘Bill Shorten will be smiling every time the cost of power goes up’. Seriously? Is this what the Lib’s hundreds of spin doctors are coming up with or did Tony think it up all by himself? It’s the sort of comment you’d expect to hear in the school yard – not from the highest office in the country.

Interesting that he’s not lambasting Clive Palmer for reneging on his party’s commitment to voting to repeal the carbon tax. I guess he thinks that door is still open so he’s not going to do anything that might get Clive upset with him.

And they wonder why the young people (who are probably far more intelligent and switched on than previous generations) feel disconnected from Canberra…

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