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The Sam Dastyari Saga

In typical hypocritical style the Liberal Party are making a huge fuss about Sam Dastyari allowing a Chinese company to pay a $1600 bill. Now that he’s resigned from the Labour front bench, the Liberal ‘hounds’ are making as much noise as they can about the fact that Shorten didn’t sack him. How quickly they forget the…

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Long Lost Family – A Brother Found!


I don’t know if you’ve been watching Long Lost Family, the program about people who have ‘lost’ their parents and/or siblings through adoption or the child being taken from the parent(s) for other reasons. The process of initial contact and then being re-united is usually an emotional roller coaster. Understandable given that the period of separation…

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Is The Big Bang Theory Just Fantasy?

The way in which the big bang theory (the scientific theory – not the TV show) is, for the most part, represented as fact has irritated me for many years now. In it’s most basic form, the big bang theory says that the universe began as a singularity… a hot, dense point from which sprang…

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My Recent Trip to Batesville AR

Photo on 18-05-2015 at 6.23 am #2 #2

The Back Story This is probably going to be a fairly long story as it all started around 5 years or so ago. I’m a bit sketchy on dates but according to the trusty Facebook timeline, my daughter Alexandra became friends (on Facebook) with Nell Tebbetts in 2009, quit Deakin university in 2010 and started…

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The Real Cost Of Customer Support – to the Customer

I often wonder how many work hours are wasted each and every day in customer support and sales telephone queues. Has anyone ever done a study? It seems to me that for all the technology and the whizbangery of modern telephone systems, all we really get is a whole lot more wasted time. I called…

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Deleting Time Machine Backup Files From Seagate Central External Drive


I recently had some issues with failed backups on a 4TB Seagate external hard drive – out of the blue I started getting an error that there wasn’t enough free space. The drive actually had 1.4TB free so I’m not sure why it was failing. Anyways, I decided to use Crashplan (external backup) instead. This…

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The Best Led Zeppelin Cover?


I was poking around on Youtube a couple of weeks ago and came across an interview on Letterman with Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones). In the interview they were talking about the Kennedy Center Honors event where Led Zeppelin were one of the honorees. Being a Zeppelin fan from way back…

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Farewell Prime TV


When I posted a week or so ago about technology turning things to crap, it was Prime TV that had seriously bad reception. I don’t watch TV much, but when I do I prefer it not to be disrupted by weirdness in the picture, audio that breaks up and loud ‘chirps’. That’s how Prime TV…

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Is It Just Me Or Is Technology Turning Things To Crap?


It seems to me that technology hasn’t been a major improvement in some areas. Take digital television for example. Watching a movie late last night and the signal dropped completely 7 or 8 times for 20-30 seconds each time over a period of around 45 minutes. That never used to happen with analog TV. Sure,…

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Should E-Books Be Cheaper Than Printed Books?

bulldog wearing eyeglasses sleeping over a good novel

I had an interesting email yesterday from Amazon’s KDP support team (KDP is Amazon’s self publishing program). I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years working on programs that teach people how to self publish through services such as Amazon KDP, so I have an interest in what’s going on in the self…

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