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The Sam Dastyari Saga

In typical hypocritical style the Liberal Party are making a huge fuss about Sam Dastyari allowing a Chinese company to pay a $1600 bill. Now that he’s resigned from the Labour front bench, the Liberal ‘hounds’ are making as much noise as they can about the fact that Shorten didn’t sack him. How quickly they forget the $5000 of taxpayers money that Bronwyn Bishop squandered on a 80km helicopter flight to a Liberal fundraising event. Tony Abbott refused to sack her even though there were even some people amongst the Libs suggesting that Bronwyn had passed her use-by date and it was the ‘right thing to do’.

It’s moments like these that you really feel like looking some of these people in the eye and saying ‘STFU and get on with fixing the economy’.

There’s no question that what Dastyari did represents the pinnacle of stupidity and naivety but he’s quit his front bench position and what he did wasn’t against the law or against the money grabbing rules that our politicians live by. Sam is just another career politician (like our very own CFA volunteer destroying premier) who has grown accustomed to handouts, misplaced admiration, donations and self-interest being the norm.

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