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Long Lost Family – A Brother Found!

I don’t know if you’ve been watching Long Lost Family, the program about people who have ‘lost’ their parents and/or siblings through adoption or the child being taken from the parent(s) for other reasons. The process of initial contact and then being re-united is usually an emotional roller coaster. Understandable given that the period of separation…

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My Recent Trip to Batesville AR

The Back Story This is probably going to be a fairly long story as it all started around 5 years or so ago. I’m a bit sketchy on dates but according to the trusty Facebook timeline, my daughter Alexandra became friends (on Facebook) with Nell Tebbetts in 2009, quit Deakin university in 2010 and started…

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The Real Cost Of Customer Support – to the Customer

I often wonder how many work hours are wasted each and every day in customer support and sales telephone queues. Has anyone ever done a study? It seems to me that for all the technology and the whizbangery of modern telephone systems, all we really get is a whole lot more wasted time. I called…

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Farewell Prime TV

When I posted a week or so ago about technology turning things to crap, it was Prime TV that had seriously bad reception. I don’t watch TV much, but when I do I prefer it not to be disrupted by weirdness in the picture, audio that breaks up and loud ‘chirps’. That’s how Prime TV…

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Is It Just Me Or Is Technology Turning Things To Crap?

It seems to me that technology hasn’t been a major improvement in some areas. Take digital television for example. Watching a movie late last night and the signal dropped completely 7 or 8 times for 20-30 seconds each time over a period of around 45 minutes. That never used to happen with analog TV. Sure,…

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Should E-Books Be Cheaper Than Printed Books?

I had an interesting email yesterday from Amazon’s KDP support team (KDP is Amazon’s self publishing program). I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years working on programs that teach people how to self publish through services such as Amazon KDP, so I have an interest in what’s going on in the self…

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Another Attempt At Blogging

Over the years I’ve created a few personal blogs all with the same distinct feature – I write for a while and then stop! This time around I’m going to write about anything and everything without any specific format, topic or plan. We’ll see you long that lasts…

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