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Is The Big Bang Theory Just Fantasy?

The way in which the big bang theory (the scientific theory – not the TV show) is, for the most part, represented as fact has irritated me for many years now. In it’s most basic form, the big bang theory says that the universe began as a singularity… a hot, dense point from which sprang…

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The Real Cost Of Customer Support – to the Customer

I often wonder how many work hours are wasted each and every day in customer support and sales telephone queues. Has anyone ever done a study? It seems to me that for all the technology and the whizbangery of modern telephone systems, all we really get is a whole lot more wasted time. I called…

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Ian Thorpe Is Gay. And…?

We were treated today to the revelation that Ian Thorpe is gay. I bet they’re seriously peeved at Channel 10 that, after leaving us hanging on the edges of our seats all week, it’s now been reported all over the world – well ahead of tonight’s ‘drop the bombshell’ interview with Parkinson. You have to…

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